Greenland Package Difference

This will show the difference between the Freeware version at and the Payware version of the new Greenland Package.

The new version has new custom made 3D buildings and is more detailed than the old version and more accuracy with details. The payware version also includes indoor control tower for the airports and indoor 3d made terminal for Kangerlussuaq airport.

– All trees have also been removed

– all airports are now in 1 package instead of 1 for every airport like the old package to easy drag and drop to the community folder

Down below there some reference pictures from the old and new version.

Hope this gives a better understanding in the differences between the packages.

Old Upernavik

New Upernavik

Old Qaanaaq

New Qaanaaq

Old Paamiut

New Paamiut

Old Kangerlussuaq

New Kangerlussuaq

Old Nuuk

New Nuuk

Old Kulusuk

New Kulusuk

Old Maniitsoq

New Maniitsoq

Old Ilulissat

New Ilulissat

Old Nerlerit

New Nerlerit

Old Narsarsuaq

New Narsarsuaq